What Cryptocurrency to Trade At The End of 2019

Over the last few months, the market of cryptocurrency has been developing so much and is coming across with abundant signs of growth. With this significant advancement, now it’s time to choose some latest coins or new tokens and add them to the coins which you already have!

According to the latest report, there is a maximum of 1200 different cryptocurrency coins available in the market. So which one is the best for you to trade at the end of 2019? Let’s give you a brief guide on it!


Ethereum has always remained at the top of the list to beat all crypto coins in 2019. It has become a new standard coin to beat all other coins because it offers low cost and fastest transactions. This coin is definitely a worthy option to perform a big investment. Apart from it, currently, there are many more ERC20 tokens that are based on the coin of Ethereum networking. ETH is one such coin that almost all the investors consider to invest in at some point in time.

Privacy Coins

They are considerably known as one of the top leading coins in the world of cryptocurrency. This is probably because of so many political as well as practical reasons. On the possible level, so many people are fond of the idea where they will be able to transact privately without being into the state of surveyed in view with any state or by the side of any private corporations.

OmiseGo (OMG)

OmiseGo has made itself to be one of the most recognized platforms that have been built on the Ethereum today. It has become one of the topmost recommended and favorite due to the fastest transactions and that too on the secure mediums. This coin is definitely a worthy option to perform a big investment. Currently, the price of OMG is around $1.04. Its token is presently in a steady decline.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT was identified to be the utility form of the token from the Brave Team. This coin is definitely a worthy option to perform a big investment. Are you ready to invest in it? You can get the opportunity to earn the BAT through internet surfing or creating excellent content. It is pretty amazing to stock up for some BAT, whereas it has the price that is quite low.


Over the last few years, EOS has increased by around $4 billion. It is considered to be one of the most top prominent ICOs in the market today. Due to the advanced technology behind its development, it is becoming one of the major rivals of Ethererum. A soon as ICO comes to an end, the cost of EOS was increased on a massive level that hit the high time of $22, 89. Although the volatility level of the coin is a little low, the ROI of EOS is around 270.29%.

It is a smart move if you will be adding this coin in your portfolio for any long term investment. In the current time, you will be able to get around 1 EOS for the cost of $3.83. Some of the experts think that in the middle terms this cost can reach the level of $9. You will be able to buy EOS in the form of the Lumi Wallet through the bank card.

Litecoin (LTC)

On the last of our list, we have the name of Litecoin! It is also known as LTC in the market. This list can never be complete until and unless the name of Litecoin is not part of it. It is one of the leading recommended cryptocurrency to invest in the year 2019. In the year 2017, this coin displays incredible performance and growth that was around 8000%.

At the beginning of 2017, the actual price of the Litecoin was around $4, and by the end of 2017, it reached the level of $357. This coin is definitely a worthy option to perform a big investment. But as in comparison with the rest of the cryptocurrency, Litecoin followed a similar price trend, and in 2018 it dropped at the price level of $110. In simple words, in 2018, Litecoin encounters unexpected fast growth. Over the last few years, both Litecoin and Bitcoin have followed similar price levels.

For the information of readers, we will mention that Litecoin is the 5th largest cryptocurrency in the world. It has a market growth of around $11 billion. It has always remained the main center of attraction of the investors because of its close interlink with Bitcoin. This is probably a good reason to keep Litecoin on our list. In the year 2011, Litecoin was introduced to bring some improvement in Bitcoin technology. It can finish a transaction almost four times faster as compared to Bitcoin.


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